Software Engineer/Director and Business Advocate

Every business today is a tech business, whether its IT, Marketing, Operations or Finance, tech is powering your competitive advantage. With degress in Tech and Business Brant is better positioned to help seemlessly integrate these cross functional departments.

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UI/UX Design and Development

Projects: Mobile Apps, Microsites, Websites, Intros, Software Applications

Technologies used: Javascript, Jquery, Angular 1.x, Angular 2, React.js, React Native, Ionic 2, Objective C, Cocoa Touch, ASP, JSP, PHP, CSS, HTML, Sencha Touch, Knockout.js, Phonegap, Titanium, Actionscript 3.0, Flex, Flex 2

Alot of the code is proprietary or I just never kept it around, but here are a couple mainly design elements

Case Studies: UX and UI may seem subjective in alot of ways, but its the case studies or data behind it that makes it more interesting. 2 good examples.

1. Reworked corporate site, resulted in 3X average time on site, cut shopping cart abondonment in half.
2. Reworked SaaS application, nearly doubled perceived quality of product.


Projects: Mobile Apps, Microsites, Websites, Software Applications

Technologies used: C#, Java (OCAJP), PHP, Node.js

Basically all of the code is proprietary but I will try to get some coding examples up here

Highlights: International ERP and CRM system, 4 languages, 8 currencies, 15 different countries

Business - Brant Snow (MBA)

Projects: Project Management, Business Development, Data Analytics

What a techy with business experience, why would you do that. Top 10 reasons for technologists to get their MBA

Can't talk enough about this. Just because you have alot of experience in IT does not make you a good manager or leader. Business's now adays are all tech companies, it powers Operations, Marketing, Finance etc. Classic Silicon Valley Joke - 200 Million Raised, 3 years spent, perfect code written, 0 sales - declared massive success! If you still think you write software, your kidding your self, you solve business needs or you are doing nothing. As puts it, "Gone are the days when your CIO or CTO could ignore the business and deliver IT on IT's schedule," and "Many companies prefer a CIO or CTO with an advanced degree, usually an MBA, considering the complexity of IT budgets and processes."


Projects:DBA, ETL Manager

Technologies used: Sql Server, MySql, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

With my business background I often find myself heavily entrenched in the data for reporting and strategic initiatives. What does a business background and experience in the data get you.

1. Plan to save 2 million annually on shipping
2. Save 46 million dollars in cost analysis reporting